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Jaru Party Favors

Looking for a little bit of fun with your next party? why not some jaru party favors! These delicious favors come with various wind ups that will let you have some extra fun in the air. From working to duping to everything in between, these favors will have your guests world turning.

Best Jaru Party Favors Comparison

This jaaru party favor bundle is perfect for your next event! The colorful pinky party favor bundle pack includes: a jaaru party favor, a keychain and a box of party favors.
This is a bundle pack that includes:
-1 jaaru party favor
-1 jaru party favor
-1 supplies for a jaaru and jaru celebrate their togetherness
-1jc's (just care) olive green t-shirt
-1jaru party favors: new jaaru tub fun fishing set party favors bundle
this is a great way to show off your togetherness and celebrate your fishing trip.
This jaaru party favor bundle contains:
- 2 jaru party favors
- 1 green led party favor
- 1 red led party favor
- 1 purple led party favor
- 1 blue led party favor
- 1 white led party favor.